Halloween cruise – 1H

Enjoy a frightening cruise! Board disguised on the Vedettes de Paris’ haunted boat to discover the most scary mysteries and legends of Paris! Animated in french and english by a guide. On 29th, 30th, 31th october and on 1st november at 3:00 pm!  Candys for every child!

Adult : 15€   |   Child (4-11 years old) : 14€   |   -4 years old : free

Cruise map

Discover the most prestigious monuments and brigdes of Paris during your cruise – Departure at the foot of the Eiffel Tower.



Vedettes de Paris – Port de Suffren 75007 Paris

Plan d'accès_Vedettes de Paris


Halloween Cruises departures from the foot of the Eiffel Tower
This is an indivative schedule, might be modifiied according to the weather.*

29th october 2019 : 03:00 pm SOLD OUT
30th october 2019 : 03:00 pm SOLD OUT
31th october 2019 : 03:00 pm SOLD OUT
01th november 2019 : 03:00 pm SOLD OUT

Options onboard

Get the best price choosing your options during your purchase! You can choose your options during the purchase!

+Champagne +6 € (On board fare : 10 €) 1 Glass of Champagne Heidsieck Monopole or 1 glass of wine or 1 glass of liquor.

+Gourmand +5 € (On board fare : 7.50 €) 1 Sweet crepe or 1 muffin and 1 soft drink.

+Snack +7 € (On board fare : 12 €) 1 Hot or cold sandwich, 1 drink (wine, beer of soft drink).