Health measures COVID-19

In order to guarantee the safety of our visitors, Vedettes de Paris has put in place numerous health measures. These health and safety measures may change at any time depending on the health situation and in accordance with the directives of the competent government authorities.

Last updated on : December 30th, 2021

Update December 30th, 2021

Please note that following the new health restrictions, set out on Monday the 27th of December, and from Monday the 3rd of January, your options on board (“Champagne”, “Time for a Treat”, “Goumet Box” and “Picnic”) will not be served at the bar on board. We will be pleased to give you your option before (45 minutes before departure) or after the cruise at Café des Vedettes, our quayside terrace, on  presentation of your cruise ticket.

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Sanitary Pass

Due to the new gouvernment health measures, before boarding our cruises you will need to present a health pass ! 

We respect health measures

For everyone safety,  Vedettes de Paris recommend that you respect the following health measures.

Wearing a mask

Wearing a mask is mandatory on board and at the quayside, for teams and visitors from the age of 6.

Provision of hand sanitiser

Hand sanitiser is freely available on board all our boats and on the boarding pontoon. Please disinfect your hands frequently.

Social distancing

The number of places on board our boats is limited to ensure social distancing. We also ask our visitors to observe a distance of 2 metres with others when boarding.

Parking for everyone

Avoid public transport and park your car, motorbike or bicycle free of charge in the Vedettes de Paris private car park for 2 hours.

Online booking

Whenever possible, we recommend that you book your cruise tickets online, on the Vedettes de Paris website.

Contactless payment

Our ticket office remains open. In order to limit contact, we recommend that you use a contactless credit card for payment.

Covid-19 symptoms

If you experience one or more of these symptoms, please reschedule your visit and consult a healthcare professional immediately. Do not hesitate to contact us to reschedule your visit.

High temperature

A high temperature (more than 38° C without making any effort and in a moderate ambient temperature) or a feverish feeling.


Respiratory symptoms, such as coughing, shortness of breath or tightness in the chest.


Headaches, aching muscles, uncustomary fatigue.

Loss of taste/smell

Total loss of sense of smell (without a blocked nose) and/or total loss of taste.

Prepare your visit!

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